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Prints, prints, prints and the environment.

It's all been going on her at Quotes on Cards HQ. We are busy extending our Famous quotes on offer and the variety of items you can find them in. By the end of March I hope to have the framed prints, cards and hearts all done.

The other big thing that has happen is the solar panels on the roof. Yes the studio is now operational from solar.

I would highly recommend the move to solar. I feel its definitely the way forward. Eventually I would like to change to an electric car in the future to reduce my environmental impact.

One of the other environmental conserving things we do here at Quotes on Cards is shopping local for my components. All my suppliers are from the UK. Frames come from Halifax, the external printer I use for non dictionary items is in Leeds and my packaging comes from an Eco craft firm near Preston.

Protective slips for unframed items are made from a compostable material. They can be composted either at home or in your council bin. The card packaging is recycled, the shipping boxes are recycled card and I recycle any plastic bubble wrap received into my outward postage to make sure it doesn't got to land fill after just one use. If I have too much to store I put out a post on insta asking if my fellow crafters need any, so watch out for those on my Instagram in future. You can follow me from the QR code below.

This re use and up cycle ethic drove me to create the tea light jars. These are all jars I have used or been given by friends and family. Glass has a large carbon footprint so to re use is far better than recycling. The cute jars are decoupaged with the dictionary quote pages and can be used over and over with tea lights.

They are available in various sizes and types of jar and you don't just have to use them for tea lights. I use one for pens and one for paper clips on my desk.

If you have any re use/re cycle or upcycle tips I would love to here them.....

Thanks as always for reading Clare xx


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