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Ho Ho Ho

Yes Santa is most definitely on his way.......

Are you on the good list this year. I hope I am,

I am working super hard to get all the gifts out on time. Just remember the postal workers are having lots of strikes this month causing many delays. My top advice is to order early and where possible shop as locally so you are not disappointed.

I do a little dance for every order I get on here, and if they are local I will even deliver it in person with a smile. I never put it in your wheelie bin or throw it over the fence in the rain.

Every single order is designed and made by my little crafty fingers and sent with love.

I have a subscription on the website so you can be kept up to date with the latest news and there is also loyalty scheme on their too. (if you have ordered in the past I have awarded points from those purchases already).

Happy Holidays


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