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Hi, I'm Clare from Quotes on Cards and this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog. Wish me luck .... here I go.

Please excuse my mistakes my typing is still a work in progress.

To start with let me tell you a little about me. I am a mum of two kids, 2 cats and a pooch. I started quotes about 4 years ago. I never expected for it to be what it is today, I just did something I enjoyed and fulfilled me.

I decided to take a step which I didn't know I could do. I will be honest I do not have lots of confidence in myself, yet I have discovered a part of myself I never knew was there.

So here I am.

I love quotes they evoke memories, good, bad, happy and sad. They can inspire and fulfil dreams.

This month I will be featuring my Manchester Collection. It is where I am from and the city that made me. It is a truly inspirational place, and as such a major place in my life.

There are many quotes associated with Manchester my fav is the D'ya wanna Brew print it lives in my kitchen in the lovely floating frame. Technically a more northern quote than specific "Manchester" I suppose. I just remember it as I grew up and it makes me smile.

Which is your favourite "Manchester" quote print?

Thanks for reading

Clare x

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