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Famous Quote Prints, Manchester Prints and Zodiac Prints

Add a touch of Manchester's iconic industrial vibe to your home with this framed A5 or A6 print featuring the famous Anthony Wilson quote, "We do things differently here." This unique print also includes a hand-stamped Manchester Bee, adding a special touch to this piece. Printed on 350gsm card, this high-quality print is professionally done and ready to be displayed in your home or office. Whether you're a fan of Manchester's music scene or simply looking for a stylish and meaningful piece of art, this print is the perfect addition to any space. Embrace the spirit of Manchester and its iconic figures with this one-of-a-kind print.

Manchester plain print - We do things Differently Here - Anthony Wilson Quote

  • A5 frame measures appx 27.5cmx22.5cm

    A6 measures appx 17x12cm

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